Build Local

A collaboration between Skye-based architects Rural Design and James MacQueen Building Contractors also on Skye, The Field House is an R House concept, founded on traditional highland barns and designed to sit comfortably in the landscape.

The workshop construction took place on Skye- it's a process that is cleaner, safer and means you can build in all weathers, even through a Scottish winter. The panels are brought onto site in a lorry and then the exterior goes up and is weather-tight in a matter of days. 

Inside, the house is heated by an air-source heat pump, if you want to geek out further, it also has a Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) system, which takes the stale air out and brings fresh air in. MHRV recovers up to 95% of the heat from the exhaust air making the house incredibly energy efficient and super-comfortable to live in.

The house has been decorated using paint from the environmentally responsible Isle of Skye Paint Company.